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AK Interactive announced new kits at Nurenberg Toy Fair 2023. Check them out!

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Nice Unimog kits, but I would prefer a new tool Unimog U1300L.

Based on what the notes on the boxes say, and given that AK carries the ICM brand and has already re-boxed Dragon kits, these Unimogs are most likely re-boxes of the ICM kit with new decals and also new 3D printed parts for the rear mounted MG and raised air intake.

I’ve just plundered these images from the AK site; I don’t think they’ve been shown anywhere before, but at least we now have an indication of what we’ll be getting:

And the hard top version:

Pretty comprehensive markings I think you’ll agree.

I’ve left out the breakdown version, as being purely civilian it didn’t interest me(!) - however, all available on the AK Interactive website.


'Thought I’d give this a bit of a bump, in case the Cold War Soft Skinned Vehicle fraternity have missed it(!)

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They are already on the ever growing shopping list.
That yellow roof looks interesting, need to find a use for that tin of yellow paint …

I must admit, having now seen the markings I’m alreday thinking of acquring at least 2; my poor stash!

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three short-a*sed Landys and all the Unimogs

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I already have 3 x Italeri/Revell long-wheelbase Land Rovers, but I know I won’t be able to refuse these. I can already see the BAOR version, with say, an Accurate Armour trailer, deploying on exercise.

So many models, so little time…

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More wonderful stuff for us to collect eh Brian! I wonder if someone will give us a 1/35 1/2 ton lightweight Air portable version … :thinking:

Ta dah! Yours for 50-odd quid:

David J Parkins

“Land Rover Light Weight Soft Top” if the link doesn’t quite work. needless to say, in my stash!

For the record Firing Line stuff isn’t too bad at all; sometimes a bit fiddly, but mostly pretty good. Their figures are, in my opinion, excellent - mind you, nobody, but nobody else does 60s/70s Brit Army figutres.

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Well blow me down. Never knew about that one. I assume it’s white metal and etch? I know some of his aircraft stuff is?

Mainly a resin hull, white metal axles & wheels (which is good for strength issues - tyres will not pass scrutiny from the experts); rather fussy etched doors requiring a sandwich sort of construction. The canopy - which someone else on another site described as “resembling being made of pastry” - will need some attention, but to be honest, not much more than extensive sanding. All looks pretty good to be honest; I’ve tinkered with mine over the years but have never really started it. I reckon with (possibly) replacement wheels, a modified canopy, replacement headlight lenses, it’ll turn out just fine.

The only game in town at the moment!

I have a soft spot for this variant as I learnt to drive on one when I was tinkering with a transfer to the Intelligence Corps c. 1973. I futher drove it decades later when serving with a TA Infantry battalion; 'loved it!

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So is AK Unimog simply a rebox of the ICM kit or is it new?

The AK Unimogs are the ICM kit, but not a simple re-box, since they include new decals, instructions, resin tires (the original rubber/vinyl parts are still included), and a few 3D printed extra parts (either snorkel or MG, depending on which kit). Considering that the price of the AK kits are very similar to the ICM kit, the AK kits are a better deal given the resin tires alone. But they are also limited edition - the AK website no longer lists the “Europe and Africa Variant”.

Thanks for the heads up. I might as well go with ICM since I’m after something basic.