New Leopard 2 variant

Bundeswehr will soon get the brandnew Leopard 2 A7 V.
The first tracks will soon arrive at Panzerbataillon 393 at Bad Frankenhausen. The “V” means verbessert or improved. Main differences are:

  • Hullfront armor similar to Strv 122
  • SPECTUS thernal imager for driver
  • APU next to engine
  • Air conditioner for driver

Sounds more like catching up to standards already implemented by other users decades ago like the hull front armor & APU.
Still no Weapon-Station…

Got the MENG 2A7 in my stash … PSM will hopefully supply the few upgrade parts.


It depends if Gerold can get close to the real track. The first tracks arrived yesterday at Bad Salzungen. A very prominent photographer/author had been there, too.

Anyone else think ‘Leopard 2 A7V’ an interesting designation given the last time a German tank was named A7V was 1918?

Pure coincidence! :grin: Maybe they should rename it in Leopard 2 A8?

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Will the hull ammo rack be compartmentalized?

Now in service.
If PSM takes the challenge, it might be not a cheap conversion.

A few images of the new predator fielded with Panzerbataillon 393


Leopard 2 A7 V rolling into Kyffhäuser Kaserne.


Glad to see you’re on top of this. That would be an interesting upper hull+ kit.

Cool video , even cooler tank. Is it me or do the Leopards have a higher ground clearance than say the M1A1 etc?