New M939 Series kit!

Happy New Year from France :sparkler:


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I see about 12 Cadillacs moving the pallet.


Happy New Year to all fellows here from Germany!!

@ Frenchy. I hate to correct you, but these are not AIM-9 they rather look like 2,75 inch FFAR. DVIDS says that the pic was taken with HMLA-167 in 2017. Normally, Sidewinders are transportered on 4-wheel carts with racks for four missiles, ready to load on helos and planes. It an educated guess that AIM-9 will be transported in padded steel boxes, similar to Stinger missiles. I will ask my cousin later that day since he served with Jagdgeschwader 74 Mölders.
@ all. The designation M730 is only for the tracked carrier. The entire system is known as MIM-72/M48 Chaparral. The system is made of M730 carrier and M54 launch station.

Good old Verlinden Warmachines No.9 M113 Part 2 has some images of the Sidewinder transport box.

Hi H.H.

I happily stand corected ! I mindlessly believed the caption on the Alamy website and should have realized the so-called “Sidewinders” looked a bit cramped !


Kit is already preorderd :slight_smile:

I do like these trucks slot.

Hopefully we’ll get a broad range from them,
Like dump, wrecker, van expansible and lab.

Regards Jason

Based on experience, I would expect to see any variations to the base kit come from after-market companies such as Real Model or Perfect Scale Modellbau. And I would imagine photoetch upgrades and resin tires will be in the works soon, if not already.

Called A2 version but the drawing does not show any “CTIS” part on rims.

The A2 designation refers to later production models with later model Cummins engines. The CTIS has nothing to do with the A2 designation. CTIS could be added to any vehicle of the type, but was mainly on later models.

Best truck I ever drove; M923 (I think) with a big shelter and a generator on a trailer. Whatever the new model, it needs a boom box behind the front seats and a chain welded to the floor for the steering wheel. They’re a blast to drive and I’m looking forward to this release.

There are already many conversions for 9series by Real Model

True. Any opinions on recent RM experiences out there?

I just found a resin Liquid Dispensing Pump and Tank unit.

Could work well on an M939.

RM is crap. Only very old releases are fine but hard to find…

I guess this one would be a better choice…–Truck-Mounting-2-x-600-Gallons.html


Didnt mean RM for the pump unit Frenchy. Yes, thats the one Im looking at.

Any opinions on this one?

I just ordered RM’s dump conversion for the italeri 923…I’ll let you know how it is when it gets here on wednesday :wink:

I like the PSM fueling kits, which include the double pods for cargo truck beds, as well as a single pod ,mounted on an M105 trailer. Shame they don’t also make the fuel tanker version of the GOER (only the cargo version). Lots of REFORGER potential with those.

Ive got the RM guntruck based on the M939 dump truck. Let me know how your build goes. It might prompt me to open the box…

Yep, definitely up for one of those. There’s a generator trailer for the Patriot out there somewhere.

I wish the AM would do a generator set for the HEMTT.