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Discover the unparalleled world of artistic possibilities with the miniature painting starter kit, an exquisite collection of 48 premium paints, maxx formula, curated to elevate your creative endeavors. This comprehensive miniature painting starter kit includes a diverse array of acrylic paints

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I’m a bit painted out at the moment between Tamiya, AK, Vallejo, Mr. Color, Mission Models, and Testors.


I’m with you - invested in AK Real Colors for airbrushing and Lifecolor for brush painting. Happy camper. Don’t need anything else in my arsenal right now.


I love AK Real Colors.


The box art is most impressive :clap:

Thought it was some sort of new ultra expensive Collectable Card Game like Magic the Gathering etc due to box art. (j/k)

Hear that ^^^ guy was a Floquil, Mr Color, Mr Paint/MRP, AK Real, White Ensign, Sovereign, Hataka, Tamiya, Humbrol, Model Master, Testor’s, Vallejo, VMS. Panzer Aces, Testor’s fan, Real Color, X Color, True North, Army Painter plus a dozen or so I left out etc…fan (j/k)

Jokes aside, I have too much quality paint in the rack and can’t justify buying more.


Some of these paint sets are mainly meant for wargaming and fantasy kits as the colors aren’t matte military colors.

I bought Monument Hobbies paints and they’re some of the best brush paint I’ve ever used, but again, it’s mainly for wargaming and fantasy vehicles and figures as their shades of green, brown, and sand aren’t military colors.

I too have invested heavily in other paint brands to invest in these new ones nor do I have the box space to store any more paints. However, I’m sure these paints will be welcome with wargamers.

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