New ModelGeek site is Live!

The new site is up an running. As always we need content contributions from all of you to make these sites stay going. Luckily with this new platform adding photos, articles and news stories is a lot easier than the old sites. Check it out!

We have hopefully sorted out a lot of the email issues, but if you have any trouble setting up a contributor account on ModelGeek just let us know here.



Thank you Jim. Looking forward to new Sci-Fi content and discussions!



Very cool. How does one go about contributing to the site ?

Setup an account on the site in question and use the “Create” button to submit a news, review or feature article (build articles, photos or videos). There are some tutorial videos up on the Model Shipwrights site that go through the process a bit better. I will try to get them on a easy link for all the sites to make it simple to access them in future.


oh this great news!