New paint scheme for the french army

Has anyone seen the pics floating around of the new color used by the french army on all thier armored vehicles is it going to be wide spread and are there any pics of the VCBI IFV and Leclerc in it
and what color would be a good match for it

This color is called brun terre de France (France earth brown). It will be applied overall the army vehicles as a base for any required camouflage. Depending on the theater of operations various stickers are supposed to be applied.
For pictures of VBCI and Leclerc painted this way Google 14 juillet 2021 parade.

I have no idea for a a suitable paint match yet. Maybe Tamiya XF-52 Flat Earth could be a good starting base.


id repaint my Heller VCBI IFV and Tamiya Leclerc in the new colors but them ill need new decals

They shouldn’t be too hard to source. If you can’t find some send me a PM.


Video of the 14th of July parade.
If I will paint it I´ll try a mixture of Tamiya XF-52 and XF-57.

Here’s a link to a photo of an AMX-10RCR in the new color:

Looks almost like faded Olive Drab.

It’s an interesting way of doing camo- I wonder if the intention is to apply things in theatre or prior to deployment.

Yeah it looks like a dark earth color. Very interesting

Colour specifications: Brun terre de France PIR

I found this new color very similar to the brown shade of the old three-color camouflage.

any idea if that brown is available for AK?

Didn’t the British Army aslo go to a Flat Earth scheme for their vehicles?

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ill keep you posted so far I looked on ebay and nothing all thats coming up for either the Tamiya LeClerc and the Heller VCBI is the kits them selves

Tamiya XF72 (perhaps a bit dark so add 10 or 20% of flesh or sand) looks pretty close colour.

Personnaly i don’t like this colour, difficult for a spectacular weathering.
It seems that colored nets (like baracuda one) will be add when need. For example in European zones green/blacks ones will be use.
We can dreams that model compagnies will produce late VAB and its successors.

Whats the purpose of this camo? Neither fit into European nor Desert environment?

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It is supposed to be a base for specific camo schemes. Those would be created by adding stickers of different colors. The overall scheme would be a splinter camo.


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I hope the stickers will stick tight. Otherwise, modellers will have a lot more options for weathering. :wink:

To be honest I’m a bit skeptical to say the least.