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Acrylic paints from ICM! Yes, we are serious :)

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I hope ICM carefully thought that through. Hopefully, it sells well for ICM as I do like their model kits.

Personally, very little inteest in the current acrylics on the market so yet another acrylic paint is the very last thing I’m interested in buying.

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Hi Wade

I’m a total sucker for new paints (although I’m more at home with lacquer-based than acrylics), but what concerns me is the disclaimer in the picture:

“After drying, the paint gets a very matt texture, for a realistic matte effect, use Varnish Matt (item 2001)”

That reads like the paints dry so matt, they’ll need an absolute ton of gloss-coating before you can apply decals. Nigel Hannant explained to me once that it’s harder to get a good gloss finish with acrylic paints than with enamels, but they actually do pretty well with Xtracrylix. Based on ICM’s disclaimer, these new paints seem like a step in the wrong direction from my point of view, but I hope I’m wrong.

All the best

Rowan :beer:

That’s definitely an interesting point.

They are including a matt varnish with the paint kit and as you mentioned have a comment about matt texture regarding the paint. I don’t want texture in any of the paint flat or gloss.

Then again they may just be riding that Youtube modeler wave that uses TEXTURE like a buzz word in finishing.

The paints may be useful to create anti-skid textures on AFV’s etc so maybe I will get a bottle to test.

Why screwtops? They get paint stuck in them.