New Paintjob for Abrams

Saw some pics of the latest US Army M1A2 SepV3 (for the love of god, why can’t the Army just call these things M1A3’s?) being delivered to 3rd ID. Interesting paint jobs. I saw this a few years ago but this is the first time I’ve seen this on tanks going to an actual unit.

Any other details out there on this?

Can’t wait to see these things in full unit markings. Might actually make me want to build one.

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That color looks like the Brown base olive drab the Army used in the early 70s

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That sure is an odd looking color! the od green stands out on the gun and turret.

The second pic is a better rendition. The first one seems to have replaced parts that are still in NATO green. The color is a weird dark OD that changes tone from different angles and in different lighting conditions.

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I’m curious if the mix-n-match of components in the new color and some in the older NATO green is intentional or certain components were previously painted and simply added to the tank as it’s being built?

Wonder if we’ll soon be seeing this scheme on Brads and other Army vehicles?

Read entire thread for context, but this is my response to it:

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