New project: Up armoured 1/16 I Love Kit M4A3E8

Here is my lastest build in between a Tobruk bunker vignette.

This is the I Love Kit M4A3E8 #61615. It is a great looking kit at a great price (I have just ordered a second one).

I am going to be making an up armoured version using sheet stock and aftermarket bolts/nuts.

Here is my current WIP pics, I have just started to add weld details to the lower hull.



Will be an impressive build. And I suppose at this scale it allows you to show a lot more detailing which shows up better. What is the overall length Nick ?

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It is an impressive kit on the sprues. So far it builds up well. The cast texture on the differential cover, turret and cupola is great, featuring cast numbers. It is definitely easier to add detail to the larger scale.

The dimensions overall according to the box is: 471.6mm long, 186.2mm wide. No height given. 1100+ parts.

I have the Andy’s HHQ one on preorder too, so will be interesting to compare the 2 side by side.

Thats gun front yeah ? a very decent size …

I believe so, yes. The hull is slightly longer than an A4 book.

For my birthday I recieved the 1/16 Trumpeter T-72b1 with Kontakt…for comparison (both 1/16).

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Thanks for the comparison shots of the hulls. I will never get that scale myself, so its going to be nice to see this and others get built up :+1:

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I will need to purchase a new horizontal glass display cabinet for them. I am really enjoying the 1/16 kit releases, I am hoping for a 1/16 grant/lee

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I have finished the I❤kit 1/16 M4A3E8 sherman, minus the .50 cal ammo box on the turret m.g cradle. I had to order some .50cal ammo box decals from Peddinghaus im Germany and they have just arrived. Overall, I really enjoyed this build. It is a really nice kit and I would definitely recommend it.

I will add some stowage eventually, hoping BNA get some of the 1/16 Value Gear stowage sets in soon to save on expensive shipping from the U.S.