New Red Alert Tank from Border | Armorama™

Yeah- I did a light, mid and dark grey tri-tone for my Apocalypse tank to stay with the grey tones from the on screen tank.

The red bits really popped with this color and I’m hoping a nice bright blue will pop just as nicely on the Grizzly!


Hey Karl, since you dropped a photo of your tank (which is beautiful I must say) I thought I’d show a bit of mine. Those are Smirnoff vodka bottles in the supply chest (of course).


Just a little, You have to bend the LED leads pretty severely to get them to fit. I suggest a small pair of needle nose pliers held right at the led leads and then use a pair of flat nose pliers to bend the leads down s-l-o-w-l-y. Also, the little circuit board fits on two little pegs in the turret but not in the location they kinda mention. Just look closely for them. It’s under the yellow decal on my photo. You might also find you have to actually glue the searchlight - the push-fit doesn’t hold very well.


Thank you Rick- and I’m glad to see this pic of the vodka stash on your model again- I remember seeing it before and thought it was a great idea!


Hey tank guys, as far as the LED’s are concerned, if they are too fussy to deal with, I might try and install a set of Nano or Pico blue units from Evan Designs. They are SUPER tiny, yet give off decent light. They sell all SORTS of neat LED’s in many colors and types…flashing, breathing, solid, chasers, and even wig-wags for Police cars. I might add some more LED’s to other areas as I build.



I just looked them up- some cool looking stuff- perfect for model stuff!

The LEDs in the Apocalypse kit both looked and felt flimsy and breakable. That was before I saw how they had to be manipulated into place! I felt for sure they would brake but they were a lot tougher than they seemed and worked just fine.

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