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After releasing Apocalypse, Border now announced a new tank from Red Alert.

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Tracked FREEDOM! if there ever was such a thing…

That’s not a cannon, it’s a Liberty dispenser, plants DU FREEDOM seeds in authoritarian oppressors everywhere…Armageddon style!

That’s like Gang-nam style but more radioactive :radioactive:

Let FREEDOM ring!



Ahhh- they’re actually doing it! Such great news. The Apocalypse was such an enjoyable build and I cannot wait to get stuck into this!! Some nice little bits in the artwork too- a ‘deployed’ GI with the sandbags around him, the Soviet Barracks in the middle and plenty of Premier Romanov’s ‘big Russian missiles’ on the skyline.


Now that looks more like a conventional MBT than the Apocalypse.

In the game, the “Grizzly” MBT was the mainstay of the game as they were smaller and cheaper to build. I don’t remember the “Grizzly” deploying legs to act as a fixed gun turret emplacement, but I suppose the model kit allows for this.

The “Apocalypse” tank can be built in large numbers if the player had the resources, but they were slower, larger, and their twin barrels weren’t as fast-firing. The “Grizzly” was the MBT to send to all situations in the game as the “Apocalypse” tank was too slow to act as a Quick Reaction Force…“Apocalypse” was used to hold ground and attack bases and heavy armored formations.


Yeap you are correct about that. It was a hard tank to like compared to the Soviet ‘Rhino’ tank which had a better gun. But, like you said, it was quick and in numbers was very good.

Border posted a video on FB.

BORDER NEW BC002 GRIZZLY BATTLE TANK Panit Free CementFree lighting System Workable Trucks Can transform into fortress mode | By Border Model | Facebook

This was how it looked in the game.


Like the Apocalypse it was mostly a grey color.


If they continue this then my dreams are coming true. Anybody else hoping for the prism tank.

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Yeap, I thought they would go with that after the Apocalypse- surprised they went with the Grizzly- but I would be hoping they will do more including the Prism.


I want all of the vehicles from that game. My favorite is the overlord tank. but u need to run them as a pair one with the propaganda tower and one with the mini gun.


AAHHH…what a neat breath of fresh air…!!! So fed up and bored to tears with the incessant releases of Panzers, Tigers, Shermans, yadda, yadda, yadda…We need MORE “what if” vehicles. Fun, different, crazy and wild camo schemes, the lot. Ya, that old WWII junk is popular, but how many of the same thing can you build before it gets monotonous…? Expand yer horizons mates, move outside your own paradigm…variety is the spice of life…!!!

BTW, the tracks go together better than a LOT of main stream kits.


You mention the tracks- have you got one of these kits already? I just pre ordered mine.

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Here’s mine I just built. It won First place in its category this last weekend at a show. The side skirts flip up and are not glued. I added the tow cables from my spares.



Where’s the engine?

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There appears to be one in each sponson. Here is one of them removed from the main body/turret which you can do to make it a fixed emplacement weapon with the extra parts in the kit. There are cooling fans and an exhaust so this is my guess.

Here is the underside.


Ahh…bloody awesome looking Rick! Loving the various elements and colors- this is the first time I’ve seen it built up so thanks for posting this and congrats on your first place!

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See…? AWESOME build mate…! I told ya you would have fun…an won an award to boot…nice subtle weathering as well. I got my kit last weekend, and have just done the tracks…LOTS of them…! I’m gonna do mine an a goofy semi-digital scheme I’ve yet to design, but have some nifty masking sets from Fallout Hobbies I might try. I REALLY hope they pump out some more o these ficticious tanks, they are a hoot to build…!


GREAT JOB Sauron…! The subtle weatherin and tow cables add a nice “touch”. For me, add a bit of “metal wear” to the fenders, cleats, and drive housings, just for a tad of “in country” feel.
Question: did the battery, LED’s, and connections give you any grief…?


Hey guys, for fun and more scale look, replace kit exhaust pipes on the engine sides, with the “bendy bit” from a flexible drinking straw, and cut the end at an angle.

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Digital scheme sounds cool :+1:!


Similar to what @stikpusher did on his M981 FISTV build.

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light blue, dark gray and light gray digital camouflage, to stay with the color scheme from the game.