New router ,some wood and a plastic model

Got a new router,
To test it i made a wall display hanger for my 1/35 German Mini sub .
You can’t rout it out off one piece, so did 8 parts and glue them together.

festo 004


Very original!

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Erg fraai gedaan

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Very nice! Any chance of some photos of the in-progress work on the wall mount or perhaps some closer pics taken from a angle to show the relief?

I really like the idea and could see something similar for a couple of projects that I’ve been mulling over in my head for a while.

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I did not take any pictures while making it ,but here’s a some side shots.


Thanks! It was difficult to see the contrast relief between the model and the plaque.

I had imagined that you had perhaps cut the model in half down its long axis, but clearly the side view shows that the entire sub is still there.

This is interesting and gives me some ideas for a couple of future projects that I’ve had trouble envisioning how I wanted the final outlook to be.

Very attractive and some excellent craftsmanship there!

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Drilled two holes in the U boot , glued two plastic rods in place and two holes in the cross .

Holes in the rods for the split pens to secure the u boot so it cant fall out.

When the U boot is dusty, remove the split pens, hold the U boot under the tap to rinse off the dust and remount it back .


Thanks for the additional details, Piet! Excellent craftsmanship AND a well-thought out design!

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