New science fiction busts collection | ModelGeek

Do you want to paint the future? Here it is...we present it to you in the form of busts. Enjoy!

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I think Green Stuff World (GSW) bought the molds from the original vendor as these resin busts have been out for years and are now OOP. So GSW reissued them, but they’re not new or original as I’ve seen them before years ago.

Green Stuff has also been known to sell other people’s items if GS discovers the company neglected to file certain patents and copyright forms.

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These are some of the most futuristic armed Sci-Fi resin busts one can get outside of ETSY 3-D prints. I wanted to buy these resin busts at one time, but I don’t build busts so I passed.

Sci-Fi busts are often very rare in the figure market and most of them are OOP by now.

Someone said “Sci-Fi busts” and now I can’t stop thinking of Raquel Welch in “Fantastic Voyage”…