New surrogate vehicles for the 11th ACR






Some very intern modifications there. Great modeling ideas for modern armor Frenchy

Love the Stykers ! I guess those are replica swim vanes on the ground.

Found a few more


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Love the new generation VISMODs. Ah the memories…

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It is interesting that they went with a Ceasar howitzer Vis-Mod. These usually represent enemy/threat vehicles, not other NATO Allies. Does the NTC know something we don’t? Better look out Frenchy! :astonished:

According to the caption, “These vehicles allow the Regiment to replicate the capabilities of near-peer armored personnel carriers, highly mobile recon vehicles and self propelled artillery


I get the near-pear capabilities reasoning, but still think a threat vehicle would have been better, like the Russian 2S35-1 Koalitsiya-SV KSh howitzer.

Here is a blurb on the topic.

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New-Gen VISMODs to replace the aging flee of M551 and M113 VISMODs.

Along with the Krasnovian modded M1A1. Though these are t getting replaced.


Aren’t the Sheridans all retired now? Lord knows supporting them logistically must be insane if they are still operational.

AFAIK; they’re all retired. Most were replaced by the M1A1KTV.

they have to be retired by now. There is exactly one gear box still unused, and it’s known as the “master”.
The engine can still be had. The gun launcher tooling was sent to the junk yard around 1982. Probably zero spares anywhere these days unless they are taken off another tank. I heard once that G.M. Canada was still making CD850 gear boxes as late as 1995, so there must be a need for them (The CD850 went into the M48/ M60/ etc.)

I wonder if Geronimo at JRTC will be getting new vismods as well?