New to Aircraft - Scale?

I’ve been searching around regarding scale. I’ve never built an aircraft model before, only armour. I like the size of the parts in 1/16 armour, I tried to get back into 1/35, but it’s too small for me.

Space isn’t an issue. What would be a good scale in comparison to 1/16 armour, 1/32 or 1/24? I enjoy being able to capture small details.

Hi Boehml,

I would try 1/24. Most of the most popular aircraft - WW1 and WW2 at least - are represented.

I have seen 1/16, or 1/18, aircraft. The are not models in that you assemble them part-by-part, but there are many of them.

1/32 probably is your best bet for greatest selection. But if you have trouble with 1/35, then 1/32 may be too small.

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