New to forum, my 1st post of my diorama

This is by far the most complicated diorama base I have ever made. My original plan was to hang it on the wall but I found a place to set it down on it’s base. it can do either wall hang or sit on it’s base. It’s all hardwood birch I cut down 5 years ago and a few home depot accessories

base on table top.


This a simple small base made out of 5x7 picture frame.



Welcome to the forums and I like the water effect around the mini sub and the rock face. The rock face itself and the bridge are very nicely done.

nice to see the use of picture frames as dio base pieces … thats what I use as well. Hope so to see more work soon :+1:

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Here is my 1st ever diorama. It has held up pretty good.


Walmart cheap frames are easy and cheap and look good. Hard to beat them.

This one looks dark in pictures I guess I need to work on my photography skills


Thanks. I learned a lot on that diorama. It was the 1st time I did a water seen of any kind. I need to put it under glass the dust gets stuck on the water and looks bad and hard to clean.

Dust: the arch Nemesis of all model builders.

Nice dioramas :smiley:

Welcome to the forums!
/ Robin

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Welcome aboard.

Interesting dioramas, what are you working on now?

Welcome to the forum Captain Crunch! I have long desired to build dioramas myself but I really do not have space for it at home. Your work is absolutely excellent, thanks for sharing!

Well I am just about to start on a huge german railway station diorama. I have a long way to go. I have about 6 different rail cars and 3 locomotives and a huge rail gun. This will take most of the winter to build. Haha I am thinking it will be 4 foot x 8 foot. It will be a massive undertaking.

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That is an understatement. Start a thread for that build. Many would interested in the concept and how you approach it.

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The small ones are pretty easy and don’t take up much room. Once I built one I really don’t feel my model is done until I make a diorama base for them. I really ended up liking to build them because you really end up getting to put your own artistic touch to the model.

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I will probably give it a shot. This is my 1st day on this forum so I am just figuring out everything.

Here’s my start. The Leopold rail gun will be the center piece kinda going with anything ww2 german that went on a rail


Thats going to be impressive. Like @Tank_1812 said, you have to do a build thread for that. An awful lot of people will be very interested in following it :+1:

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I will try to put something together. I just opened the Leopold rail gun and can start something. I think I might start on one of the rail cars and knock out one of the smaller models to get me rolling because that rail gun will take a few weeks just to build. It has something like 1200 parts and it’s 37 inches long. It’s going to be massive, I going to have to go to home depot and buy paint in the quarts size jars to paint it haha

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Thanks for the welcome

Great work & like they’ve said Welcome, you’ve come to the right place we’re all crazy too. Others may tell me my memory’s faulty but it’s a strange thing about grand rail-centric diorama projects – over the past five years (this site & it’s previous incarnation as Armorama) I recall several started (I’m thinking the extensive railyard types rather than railway stations or just the big gun) but none (?) completed - it seems to be a high-risk/burnout area. I admire your cajones & schedule (my dio’s around 4ft 6ins square & I’m well into my 3rd year) so all power to you, you’ll get an instant audience & I’ll be in the front row :tumbler_glass:

Thanks for the words of encouragement. I am like most modeling guys and dream big but I am pretty good on getting big models done. I live in Alaska and my modeling has a season and its just about to kick off. Winters are pretty long so I will have alot of free time to get after it!