New Tool B-24J Liberator Released | AeroScale

Hobby Boss has released the 1:48 scale Consolidated B-24J Liberator

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Hm they might just actualy have corrected the wing shape from the horrible 1/32 kit.

Good to see, but still hoping for a new series of Liberators in 1/72.

If they fixed the squashed canopy look form the Monogram kit it’ll be a huge improvement. Weren’t the vertical stabilizers also incorrectly angled?

Looking at the seams at the necels and wing edges. I would thing modern tooling could make this a Tamiya fit. Just my thoughts.

I don’t generlly judge a kit by the built up photos. The guy was told to slap it together for a photo. He didn’t care about blending seams and removing sprue attachment points. A lot of kits shown on this site turn out fine even after you see the sloppy build photos. But I’m not sure any degree of care would alleviate this gap without some sort of filler - you can’t get the parts together any more than they already are:

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Mmmm… I ain’t so sure about this one. Outside of an obviously (hasty) build and less than stellar photos, it just looks, well, off. Maybe a good build and better photos will convince me it’s a thing to have.