New Tool Macchi C.200 Saetta Planned | AeroScale

Italeri will be releasing a new tool 1:32 scale radial engine Macchi C.200 Saetta sometime in 2024

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Decades waiting for something like this.

I just hope it doesn’t come out overpriced like the Folgore did. The price on that has dropped by almost half in the short time it’s been out. I’m not seeing where these new aircraft kits are deserving such high prices compared to HKM or Zoukei-Mura, let alone kits Tamiya’s Corsairs and Mustangs.

But we do need more Italian aircraft at this scale for sure.

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I must admit that I have not built any of the “modern” (c.2000+) Italeri kids except for the 1/48 H-21. By and large it was a good kit although the lack of useful ways to line up interior components and make the fuselage together, plus inconsistent exterior surface finishes, soured me on the kit. I have a soft spot for Italeri but I don’t think they will ever reach the quality of the company’s listed above.

At the 2019 IPMS National Convention, I sat in on the presentation by the owner of Zoukei-Mura. He was really cool and it was really fun presentation. One thing he said though is that making these models is for him a passion. He did not take anything away from Tamiya’s excellence, but he said that he thought that only Z-M and Wingnut Wings were the only two not companies that produced models as a love affair. I don’t think Italeri will ever match those three, but I hope someday they do.

I built the OOP PCM kit some years ago:


Looks sharp!