New Vargas M1A1/M2 - "Patton's" Command Tank

Just arrived yesterday in the mail, Vargas M1A1 or M2 light tank with version for Patton’s ride during the various pre-war maneuvers across the Southern states.

Parts are beautifully printed, and as usual the tracks/suspension is for the most part in one piece. As many of the detail parts are very small and thinly-printed (to scale, that is), the instructions carry many reminders to beware of “Fat Thumbs” to avoid breakage.

Instructions come on a flash/thumb drive, so reference images are included as well as the build info. I know this was a first release of this kit, as the file date on the USB powerpoint instructions was three days prior to its arrival at my place! Instructions are sequential and will be of great help in assembling. The different versions of the vehicle are identified in the assembly process, with different colors to show the proper parts.

Unfortunately I’m in the process of moving, so this build will have to wait a while. Overall, well done, Mr Vargas. A side note: I do wish the M777 howitzer had the same detail of instructions that this kit has, as the 777 is still waiting in the box, hoping for some guidance…


Damn, I might have to get that one. Nice, unusual subject.


OK, had a few non-moving moments, and I really wanted to take a peek at this new Vargas release.

Overall, very nice kit. Although 3D-printed, there are over 50 parts.

Some of the finer details: Engine access handles, top hull access panel handle, and even the power lead for the siren are all part of the one-piece hull. And the hull is hollow-printed, making it very light-weight.

As usual, the tracks and suspension units are one-piece, although other parts are added to this one piece to complete each side assembly. Printing lines are visible on a fair amount of the flat panel parts, but much finer than the first Vargas tank I acquired. I wonder if a solid coat of primer will help to conceal these things?

Again, pay attention to assembly sequence and “Fat Thumbs” warnings. My guess is that the Thumbs advice is based on the pre-production assembly when hot off the printer. Additionally, don’t be in a hurry to add decals in the kit: pre-painting the base colors of the decals, followed by the application of the decals, will prevent them from disappearing over the OD finish. Nice to see this advice as part of the instructions, to head-off disappointment.

Again, I won’t be tackling this real soon, but I do indeed look forward to it. Gotta finish moving, then tackle a couple of already in-progress builds.


That’s amazing