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Model: 35435 Scale: 1/35

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Why so complicated? 2-part springs? I definitly like Tamiya ease of building.


I would expect to see 3-D printed working coil springs soon from the after-market, as well as other pieces either replacing kit parts or adding additional detail to the kit.

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Looks pretty good. I like how they did the inner rear side panels as flat parts to replicate the details that everyone else has left off there. Although Academy did provide inner rear side panels as separate pieces in their M998 Cargo version.

I would like to have seen a full engine though. They got about 60% of it. Maybe the next version will have one.

My thoughts exactly…


How much work would it take to backdate this to an M998? Wayne

Not much. It’s mainly the rear bumper as far as visible parts go. The front bumper could be w/winch on an M998 as well, so no real issue there.

What about the rear mirrors?

And the seats?

It depends on when you are depicting an M998 from. My M998 in the initial invasion of Iraq in '03 had the windshield mounted mirrors and newer bucket-style seats. The mirrors were factory, the seats were added by my driver.

I will use these kit as base for a M997 with Academy shelter. I will use the softop one as it is maybe from some USAREUR Airborne HMMWV. I have plenty of references in my archive. :slightly_smiling_face:

Most important, put early style tires on.

Again, it depends on when. I also had the 37" radial tires as in the kit on mine in '03.

The older bias-ply tires were 36" x 12.50" 16.5 and the newer radials are 37" x 12.50" 16.5 R tires. The radial tires came out in the early '90s. The older bias-ply 36" tires were still available as of about '07 when I was at the NTC. We had a roving maintenance team that came to you like a pit crew and changed flat tires. There were a lot of tires punctured or cut by the rough terrain there. When you called them on the radio to come fix your tire, you had to tell them which size you had to make sure they had the right one on their truck.

ICM provides the instructions for download.

whats the obsession with working suspensions on everything are we build toys that you can play with on the carpet or are we building models like full interiors working suspension is just another exucse to jack up the cost of a already expesive model

Thought the M1097A2 had the extended grill

No, the extended grill is on uparmored HMMWVs, such as the M1114 and M1151.

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the M1152 and I think the M1165 also had the extended grill. The need for that was the switch from the 6.2L engine without a turbo to the 6.5L engine that had the turbo.

Correct. The full series of uparmored HMMWVs have the extended grill. They all have an M11XX number.

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I am finally able to contribute some of my knowledge today I feel like the kid that finally has a good idea to the adults.

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