New Wehrmacht officer, Normandy June 1944, ArtSoldiers Miniaturas 1/35, 1/24 | Armorama™

ASME35004 & ASME24004 Wehrmacht officer, Normandy June 1944. Albert Becker

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The helmet appears to have the Waffen SS camouflaged cover on, identifiable by the prominent sleeve for the fitting spring and clip on the side. The Heer cover was constructed completely differently. The figure also appears to be wearing the U boat leather trousers as worn by “LAH”, 12SS “HJ” and SS sPzAbt101/501.

You’re right. Also there is a button at the smock neck. That’s incorrect, as the neck was fastened with a cord.

Don’t think it’s a smock, could be the top part of the Reversible Winter Uniform.