New WW2 Game looking for Plane Enthusiasts for feedback and participation!

Hello there modelling fans !

We are an indie gaming studio called Blindflug Studios and we have just started a new project!

Ground of Aces

There is a new WWII game currently in production which is looking for support. It’s looking to build a community and collect ideas from the community who will help them design the game based on their gaming preferences and knowledge.

Would you like to be a part of the conception of the game and leave your mark on it?

Ground of Aces

The Project:
We have currently started creating a base building game taking place during the Battle of Britain. The overall task of the game is to manage your air base and all the resources at your disposal and prepare workers, pilots and planes alike for every battle. The game will also include stories from actual pilots and allow you to develop the relationships between the characters in the game. So you will be following the lives of the people at an air base during the Blitz.
In summary, the game will entail following tags: Base building, resource management, strategy.

At the moment, we are expanding our reach and looking for people who would like to join the development and creation of the game and join in on discussions with the developers.

We hope to generate some discussion here and find some enthusiasts of WWII planes!