Newly updated for trade and sale list

Updated on September 13, 2022

Here is what I’ve got for sale or trade and, as always, I’m willing to take a couple dollars of when you buy multiple items so feel free to make an offer.

Dragon IDF Jeep, $25
Warriors Vietnam M113 Crew (1 full and 1 bust) $15
Kirin, Vietnam Full Metal Jacket, 3 figures, $40
Tamiya Modern Accessories 35141, $9 each (two available)
Tamiya Modern Military Equipment 35266, $9
Tamiya 10 in 1 Rations, $3
ET Models Leclerc Photo Etch set, $15
Verlinden Military Cardboard Boxes, $3
Verlinden Flags, $3 (these are dry transfers)
Archer Dry Transfers 105mm crate markings, HE, three available, $5 each
Archer Dry Transfers 105mm crate markings, Smoke, three available, $6 each
(buy all 6 Archer Transfers for $25)
Verlinden Palm Tree, $12
Tamiya PBR, $35 (open box, unbagged sprues)
AFV Club .30, .50, 40mm Modern ammo set, $12

AFV Club M730A1 Chaparral, $40

Dragon/DML 1/700 Amphibious Landing Vehicles, $25 each set, buy them all and I’ll toss the vehicles from the Saipan set and a gantry crane.

Miniart US Tank Crew $10—-one set is sold—-

Academy with Legend Stowage plus Legend sandbag floor, Combo #2, $38

Verlinden V100/M706 Combo w/extras, $38

Aoshima 1/32, $20
Tamiya Accessory $8
Dragon M16, $7
Firestorm, Australian Centurion mine exploder conversion, (missing instructions) $30 (set also includes a resin turret with mantlet cover in place and resin replacements for the AFV Club rubber wheels), $30

1/48 UH-1C Huey Combo, $35

Miniart Building parts only $5

Verlinden, US Artillery Crewman, $8
Verlinden, German Artillery Crewman, $8
Verlinden IDF Crewman 1970s, $15
Polop, Sleeping soldier, #35010, $8
Jaguar, US Infantry Vietnam, $10–SOLD—
Jaguar, Hey There, $10
First Legion, #35043, $10
Tank Workshop, Munitions Boxes, $5
Legend, Three Fighting Men, $10
Hobby Fan, Guntruck Crew, #HF533 $16
Verlinden M113 IDF External Fuel tanks (two sets) $10
Tahk, A-220, M60 with tripod, $5
Meng, walls, $10

Verlinden, M332 Armored trailers, $25 each
Legend Miniguns, $5—SOLD—
Hobby Fan, USMC Mine Detectors, 2 figs, $10
Coree, USMC, 2 figs, $10—SOLD—
Tamiya Accessory Set, $8
Coree figure with M16 and Base (no wounded figure), $5
Beglo figures and body bag, $10
Hobby Fan Mechanized infantry, 4 figs, $25
Belgo small hut, $45—on hold—
Belgo large hut, $45—on hold—
Mec Models, graves, $25

1/32 PSP base, $35

Assorted signs, boxes and decals,
Tamiya C-RAtions, $3.50
Real Model C-Rations, $3.50
Verlinden dry transfers, $9

Dragon, #6046 Florian Geyer, $9
Dragon, PE parts for Kubelwagen Workshop, $8
Miscellaneous German Figure lot, Dragon, ICM, Tamiya, $10
—take all the the German stuff for $20—

Dragon, Delta Force Somalia, two for $10 (one sealed, one open w/loose leg)
Dragon, LAPD SWAT (sealed), $15
Dragon, MP5s (sealed), $10

Soviet/Afghanistan Lot, $15

1/48 Tamiya German Lot, $28

A couple things that I’m looking for:

1/16 Items:
Aber .50 cal metal barrel and/or Verlinden .50 cal set.
Vietnam Figures and Accessories
Verlinden .50 cal
Modern US Accessories/ammo boxes to stow on an Abrams.

1/35 items:
AFV Club M110
AFV Club IDF M38s (Siyur–recon, Tolar–recoilless and/or Orev–TOW)
Panda M109A7
Kitty Hawk 1/48 UH-1D Huey
AFV Club, AG35055, 155mm rounds M1122 and M454
Aoshima 1/35 JGSDF trucks.
More wanted items at the end.
Tamiya T156 Abrams tracks from Modern Accessories set 35141
Hobby Fan, M56 Scorpion
Meng, IDF Armor
Tamiya M18 Hellcat
Tamiya M4A3E8 Korean War boxing #35359
Tamiya M40 155mm #35351

Figures/Accessories from kits:
Tamiya Tiran 5 Crew figures
Tamiya M4A3E8 Korean War crew figures
Tamiya M40 Crew and/or 155mm ammo
Tamiya Panzer IV G DAK figures

Verlinden 76mm Sherman Tank Ammo #342
Verlinden bedroll seen here:
Verlinden stowage
It was originally designed for the M8 and has cut outs for the mines. It has appeared in a variety of WWII to Modern stowage sets.

Also be interested in any aftermarket for the above kits.

Finally, in the off chance that you have LEGO sets, I’d be interested modular buildings, trains and/or Star Wars sets.

Thanks for looking!

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Yes - I would take both - I may have some of the stuff you’re looking for as well. Can you put the kits aside for now please? I have traded with and bought from you before if you recall.

Hi Sherb - I sent you a message… thanks

Hi Sherb,
I’m interested in the Tamiya/Aber Jerry can sets and the two Hudson and Allen W.W.II ration box sets. How much total with shipping to 84044? You can e-mail me at
Regards, Bob

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