NEWS: 1/35 3D Printed Bradley update sets

I found a great new T-161 track set for modern Bradley’s and wanted to show them here. Jacques Duquet sells them on eBay. He also offers a full running gear set with new roadwheels, shocks, etc. and a few other Bradley detail sets. He is now doing T-161 tracks for Tamiya and Meng Bradleys.

His eBay site: 1/35 | eBay

I just purchased the Meng set and they look great. They have open center guide teeth and are printed as length-and-link tracks. The links that go around the sprocket and idler have angled end connectors and center guide teeth as well. He also includes the front sprocket and rear idler.

This is the T-161s for Tamiya Brads.

I highly recommend them.


Jacques, who I recently realized is a former Armorama Editor, has a few new 3D sets for Bradleys available on Ebay now.

He has a set to update the old Tamiya or Academy M2A2 to an M2A2 ODS-SA, which is the type being sent to Ukraine.

He also has a set to convert them to an M7 BFIST (M7A2 ODS - SA, M7A3 or M7A4 - depending which kit you add them to).

And a few to update the Tamiya and Academy running gear.

He has also modified the T-161 Tracks to fit on any of the available Bradley kits and has different sets for them.

Lastly, he also has a set to update the old Dragon M270 MLRS with some great details and to bring it up to M270A1 standards.

You can see all his 1/35 3D printed items on eBay: jddequet | eBay


Apropos of nothing else, but the third and fourth photos look like very small scale parts for Star Trek starships. Just sayin’.

Those look great!

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Thanks for the informations Gino!!
Since Jacques was in link with SP design from memory, could these sets being from SP design?!!

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No idea. You would need to ask him about that.

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Can i give an idea? The armor plate on the canon base, with ejector hole and the closing mechanism are forget on many kits for bushmaster canon (Magic Factory, tamiya academy…)