NEWS: 1/35 I ❤ Kit M1014 with M747 Semi Trailer

I :heart: Kit has announced as an upcoming kit an M1014 with M747 Semi Trailer (63529) in 1/35th scale. This is an interesting release by combining parts from two existing kits. The truck is from their Pershing Missile Carrier kit (63527) and the M747 trailer from their M911 C-HET kit (85519). Based on the kits the parts come from, this should be a great kit. It will fill a hole in the Cold War US Army Europe area. It should be available soon.


Paint and Markings

Built Plastic


My PP (Plastic Pusher) has it pre-order for delivery sometime in March (they are a bit conservative in their plans so others may have it on the shelves sooner)

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Have ya seen that Pershing kit in the flesh, Gino? Does it get the Gino stamp of approval?

I don’t know why I’ve always had a thing for the Pershing - 2. Only seen one in-person. Well, that and a spray painted sign on the autobahn pointing to a Pershing missile site up in the woods! :crazy_face:

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Diorama idea: Peacetime Pershing convoy on a narrow road approaching a roadblock created by (KGB-financed) peace activists who have chained themselves together across the road.
A German police car with two police officers would add some colour to the scene.


Some info on the truck. The M1014 was built by MAN of Germany as part of their KAT 1 trucks and exclusively used in Europe by the US Army and USAF.

There were four derivations of the KAT 1 8x8, known as Category 2 trucks and designated M1001, M1002, M1013 and M1014 by the US military. Category 2 trucks were developed at the request of, and in close co-operation with, the US armed forces.

Category 2 truck types:

  • Truck Tractor w/Crane, 10-ton, 8X8 M1001 (NSN 2320-12-191-5422)
  • Truck Tractor w/Crane, 10-ton, 8X8, M1002 (NSN 2320-12-191-5423)
  • Truck Tractor w/Crane, 10-ton, 8X8, M1013 (NSN 2320-12-191-5424)
  • Truck Tractor w/o Crane, 10-ton, 8X8, M1014 (NSN 2320-12-191-5425)

The M1001 was used by the US Army as the prime mover for the Pershing II nuclear missile. The tractor was configured with a fifth wheel to tow the erector launcher, an Atlas Maschinen GmbH 8-ton crane for handling missile components and a 30 kW generator to power the erector launcher.

The M1002 was configured as a recovery vehicle with a Rotzler recovery unit, earth spades, Atlas Maschinen GmbH AK4300 M5 crane, and carriers for two erector launcher spare tires.

The M1013 was used by the US Air Force as the prime mover for the Gryphon Ground Launched Cruise Missile (GLCM). The tractor was configured with a fifth wheel to tow the launcher, a 2-ton material handling crane and a self-recovery winch.

The M1014 was also configured as a prime mover and had a tire carrier for a launcher spare tire and no crane.

By the end of 1986, 534 Category 2 trucks had been delivered to the US military.

Based on the above info, the truck is actually an M1013 since it has the crane on it, sort of. It looks like they took the M1001 from the Pershing kit and just left the generator off to make it an M1013/M1014. I don’t think it is totally accurate as it should have no crane and another spare tire for the trailer on it.

M1013 w/crane and added spare.

M1014 tractor without crane and has a larger work platform, which holds another spare for the trailer.


I haven’t seen it in the plastic (in person). I have seen a couple builds online and it looks really nice.

Arch-Stanton is building one here and showing pics in the “What did you do in your modeling workshop today?” topic

What did you do in your modeling workshop today? - General Discussions - KitMaker Network


Thank ya, sir! :star_struck:

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So there may be hope yet. The I :heart: Kit M1014 w/M2042A1 GLCM TEL (63528) has the proper parts for the M1014, so maybe it is just an issue of using the right parts and the M1014 parts will be in the kit.

M1014 work platform parts sprue. You would just need to add a spare tire, maybe.

If the parts are not in the kit and you have to make an M1014, you can order the M1014 work platform sprue from Hobby DNA It is sprue P.

Great info! When did these trucks go out of service - did any make it to Iraq? I read they served on for some time after Pershing and Gryphon were decommissioned.

I’ve been eyeing the 1/72 Modelcollect kit.

I believe they only served in Europe and the missile prime movers were replaced in the late '80s by M983A2 HEMTTs. The HET versions were replaced by M911 C-HETS and later M1070 HETS.

This kit appears available now from Asian suppliers.

1/35 M1014 Tractor w/M747 Trailer | eBay

It also looks like from the parts layout that the P sprue to make it an actual M1014 is not included. The included N sprue makes it an M1013 w/crane. (See above for descriptions and more details).