NEWS: 1/35 ICM Helicopter Pilots - VN /Cold War Era ("60s/70s")

From the ICM site, a set of chopper crew, apparently with one set to board the CH-54, and the others standing. Uniforms are flight suit, suit with Nomex jacket, jungle fatigues, carrying flight helmet, and I hope ICM got this right, the ball cap headgear! If the figures match the illustration, these will have helped to flesh out the selection of that era figures.


They looks pretty good and will be very useful.

I remember DML has/had a nice aircrew set of pilot and crew in 1/35. I believe Trumpeter has newer figure sets.both are nice it’s only DML that is hard to come by.

Post a week ago on AeroScale by ICM themselves. :wink:

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I guess those would fit a 1:35 Chinook too? Possibly with some modification to make hands and feet to touch the right location…

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