NEWS: 1/35 Magic Factory Modern US and NATO Weapons

Wow, these two 1/35 modern NATO Weapons Sets look really cool and they should be on sale in May!


No pictures of the actual plastic yet?

@MikeyBugs Apparently no plastic sprue photos yet.

I take it that 2002 and 2003 are the Item Numbers because if these weapons were dated 2002 and 2003, then they would be outdated in certain regards.

I too would like to see the plastic sprues myself because I thought that the Gecko 1/35 Modern US Weapons Set was a bit on the small scale and simple in details…I bought that one blind. DML/Dragon makes the best 1/35 plastic weapons and Live-Resin the best 1/35 resin ones, in my opinion, not counting 3-D printed.

I am excited for this set though…one gets two Stingers with one of the newer sights, NLAW, and rocket launchers that no one has made in plastic in addition to the M240L. Many “firsts” can be found in this plastic kit and the price is pretty good.


Really looking forward to these coming out

Really looking forward to these coming out

Same here. With some resin companies on hiatus, it’s nice to see plastic makers pick up the torch and carry on with 1/35 modern weapons and these push the envelope as far as modern is concerned, especially providing the figure modeler with armament that is popular and in demand. The M4 Carl Gustav is favored by the SOFs as the M3 version is carried by USMC. No one has made a NLAW in plastic or a M240 Light. The M141 Bunker buster is often overlooked and is the SMAW-D used by the US and Ukraine. HK416 is used by SOFs and the USMC.

Very few, if any, plastic manufactures combine guns with medium and heavy rocket and missile armament, not to mention the successors and latest variants of those armament.

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I think I saw somewhere that the uk has bought the Carl Gustavo again.

I can envision a “NATO Weapon Set C” with Canadian C7A2, UK SA80A2, UK Starstreak SHORAD, Polish GROT 762N rifle, USA 6.8mm NGSW machine gun and rifle, USA Barret MRAD sniper rifle, German HK G36 rifle, Italian Beretta AR70/90 rifle, M320 handheld grenade launcher, and more.

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I came across these on another site

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