NEWS: 1/35 Reedoak AH-64 Pilots and Helmets

Reedoak has announced three new products that are available now. They are a pilot and gunner for Takom’s AH-64 kits and an AH-64 helmet, all in 1/35.




All can be found at Reedoak’s website. They have lots of other goodies too.


Those figures look really cool, especially the helmets. Talk about producing these figures in a timely fashion! :grinning:

Reedoak is always on the cutting edge. Check out their other figures and accessories.

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I visit Reedoak from time-to-time.

I believe that these 1/35 Apache pilots are the most modern U.S. figures that they have produced to date as some of their pilots are dated to the 1990s-2000 date era.

Most of their 1/35 H-60 pilots/crewmen are/were current when produced; a few years ago.

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Great news !
Reedoak Models designed them for AH64E.
Are they good too for AH64D ?

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For a current AH-64D (not all are Es), yes. The new helmet has been around since about 2017. It is based on the newer HGU-56/P helicopter helmet.

New Apache Gen III helmet.

Older Apache Gen II helmet. It had a “unique” shape to it.


Gino, just checked the web site. Not much as of now other than what you mentioned. I am going to need VietNam tank driver in 1/16. Any Ideas?

Sorry, no clue. 1/16 isn’t my scale so I don’t keep track of it.

Those do look good !

Thank you. :+1:

That’s ok,just preplanning. I have an Ontos on the way and figured I’ld ask.

Well, my order is placed. :grin:

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I ordered a set of them . Wonder how long it will take for them to arrive to the USA ?
Also got some sets of 1:48 scale figures for a my H-34 , Venom and Huey Choppers .

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Not sure… but I’m just gathering aftermarket items as needed, before I even start the build.

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In the past, it has taken about 2 weeks from France to FL.

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—mike :helicopter:

Does anyone know what the Korean crew wear and if this set would be suitable?
I just picked up the Takom ‘E for the world’ boxing and intend to do the Korean build which will be joined by the British WAH-64D or AH.1 when that becomes available.

Thanks Gino !

Got my AH-64 figure order from Reedoak today , and I must say they are very nice and highly detailed !
Just be VERY CAREFULL when trimming them from the Base .

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