NEWS: 1/35 UH-1Y coming

It was announced on another site that work has begun on a 1/35 scale USMC UH-1Y Venom. It will most likely come from Academy to compliment their 1/35 AH-1Z. I can’t wait to see it in plastic.

It is just CAD so far.

The announcement is just in time too as I was staring to collect the necessary kits/parts to bash it together from a UH-1N and AH-1Z. Hopefully it is sooner rather than later so I don’t have to.


Hay Gino, do us all a favour and start collecting the necessary parts for an MV 22 osprey. Please. 1/35, of course.


Very good !

There is a new interest for 1:35 scale helicopters from manufacturers.

I hope this one will have some weapons.

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That’s really great news, wow! Quite happy what’s happening in the heli sector right now.

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Looks promising but I wish some company would pick up the UH-1’s that Kittyhawk were working on before they folded.


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Excellent news. My Academy 1/35 AH-1Z is finally going to have its appropriate shelf mate. Thanks for the heads up Gino @HeavyArty

Word is that Trumpeter/Hobby Boss got all of the Kittyhawk molds.

If indeed true, then they will be reissued eventually.

If true…

We may all be dust by then LOL

Meh, they didn’t dilly dally getting the Tristar kits out when they got that tooling.

it’s about damned time!

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this is good news but i am happy with the kitty hawk version in 1/48 which goes with the ah-1z i have in that scale.