NEWS: 1/48 AMP Bendix J Helicopter

AMP has announced that they will be releasing the experimental Bendix Model J helicopter in 1/48 scale.

Interesting concept. Always thought that a tail rotor was required to prevent

Tail rotor (anti-torque rotor) is only needed to offset the torque reaction of a fuselage mounted power plant spinning a single rotor. Twin rotors (co-axial like this one, intermeshing as on Focke, Kaman, etc., and fore and aft Piasecki style) that counter rotate cancel out the torque reaction so no anti-torque rotor is needed. Also the various rotor mounted power plants (Hiller Ram jet, etc.) produce no torque reaction so no anti-torque rotor is needed on these types as well.

A modern example of the co-axial rotor design is the Kamov KA-52 “Alligator”.

Thanks Richard and Gino…I learned something new today!