NEWS: 1/72 Hasegawa HH-60D Night Hawk re-issue

Hasegawa has re-released their 1/72 scale Sikorsky HH-60D Night Hawk with figures included. This is the experimental version of USAF H-60 that eventually evolved into the MH-60G. This should be a nice kit and the added figures are a bonus.

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Unfortunately, no retool.

Typically not Hasegawa style, they will update the decal sheet and reuse the old molds for a long time at a greater cost.

Naa, old tool is enough for me :japanese_ogre: I had this when I was a kid in the early 90’s. I wouldn’t mind getting a new one. This is my favorite attire for Black Hawk. Come to think of it I think Euro I is my favorite attire for anything…hmmm…I wonder if I can paint my wife Euro I :thinking: Honeeeey?