NEWS: 38mm or 50mm ETSY 3-D Printed U.S. Army MRZR with Three U.S. Soldiers

I have no affiliation or contact with the seller, just passing on the identity of this 3-D printed kit that I saw at the Hungary’s International Modeling Show, Mosonshow 2024, in April from TheModelingNews website. I found where one can buy it from; it’s sold on ETSY under one seller.

Note that the seller is in Hong Kong and 3-D prints some resin kits so there may be some knockoffs.

It is small at 38-50mm. 50mm is 1/35 scale.

TheModelingNews won’t allow me to cut and paste photos, so I took a screenshot. A built and painted one is 2/3rd down the webpage. It may be made for wargaming, but it does look realistic enough.


I might need one. Here are a few more photos for you:


No kidding!

It was a rumor that Polaris would develop a MRZR Alpha 6x6 and indeed they did! Thanks for the photos!

Airborne Miniatures makes a resin RZR with figures, but it has no cargo bed armament.

And Airborne Miniatures makes a resin four-seat MRZR with crew figures and a side M240 machine gun.

Which kit you choose is up to you. The ETSY one seems to be original and unique…the only MRZR with a .50cal.

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I have just received theses from my brother, in the last few days,which site I don’t know.


I found this 3-D printer seller on eBay. He is in France. I’ve no affiliation or purchase with this seller.

1/35 AMPV

1/35 SEAL Boat

1/35 MRZR 2-seater (x2)


I have seen those on eBay. The boat looks really good. The AMPV not so much.


That’s some good looking stuff. :grinning:


1/35 modern machine gun and rocket and missile launcher armament isn’t rare anymore with Gecko Models and Magic Factory providing plastic accessory kits of some of the latest conventional and special forces weaponry.

Live-Resin is also a “Go to” vendor for 1/35 weaponry and tactical radios.


USSOCOM DAGOR in 1/35, 1/48, and 1/72 scale on eBay…3-D printed.