NEWS: A New 1/35 DUKW coming from WARSLUG (War Metal)?


It looks like it is from a new, unknown company, WARSLUG (a.k.a. War Metal??).

The translated text from the above site.

“WARSLUG (War Metal) has released a new product: the 1/35 scale GMC DUKW-353 amphibious transport vehicle, which we often call a water duck. Judging from the picture, this kit comes with the internal structure including the engine, as well as a large number of miscellaneous items and equipment. The launch time and price have not been announced.”

It looks like it could be interesting.


If it’s the same company and translated correctly, Warslug is not a new company. There only previous plastic release was the 1/35 Rolls Royce Armoured Car, not a bad kit since it had the interior that the Meng kit doesn’t have. But it was labelled as a 1920 version but was really a combination of different features, much like the Meng kit.