NEWS: Ace Model 1/35 Iltis

Ace Models are to release their first 1/35 kit. It is the much-wanted VW Iltis 0.5t Light Truck 4x4 (#35101). This should fill a few holes on shelves of Cold War armor, German armor, Canadian armor, etc… It looks pretty nice.



Decal options


Very nice. I can already see the possibilities.



Nice little oddity that. Ace have some interesting 1/72 subjects in their catalogue- it’ll be interesting to see if they bring some of them out in 1/35.

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Have it on my wish list for christmas. Maybe I get one … :innocent:
I’ll try to build it as one I drove in my old unit 1./PzBtl 83 …


When of our members, Dmytro is selling them now

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Those were used by the French troops in Berlin. Could be an interesting deco as well.


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Yikes! 42$US! You can get an MBT for that sort of coin, that’s a bit steep for a 4x4 this size.


How are Ace kits in general? I don’t build in 72nd scale. So I’ve never looked into them before. But it would fill in a nice gap though. But $42 US that is a little steep!
And thanks SableLiger for the images.

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34,50 €uros (approx. 37 US$) at Modellbau König in Germany (plus pp though). For you Yanks and Canucks maybe no option. The kit is not yet available.
0,5t Light truck 4x4 ( Type 183 ) ILTIS (


This is another vehicle I never knew existed. It would make a great addition to the collection, sitting beside a kubelwagen. :slightly_smiling_face:

It really is a wonderful time to be a modeler, when exotic vehicles like this are available for collectors and people who have already built everything else.

For me, the high starting price, plus the need to replace the vinyl tires, puts this model in competition with dozens of really great kits. I could see myself purchasing one a few years from now.

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They are not Tamiya kits. In 1/72, you have to work for a good looking model. I think their ideas are outpacing their manufacturing capabilities for detail in 1/72. Time will tell how the transition to 1/35 has gone for this kit. The plastic looks good to me. Interesting to see what people say of the fit.

As for the price, the eBay link is in the ballpark. ACE is trying something new with scale for them and offering that no one else has done. Props to them for taking a risk and I wish them well.


Thanks Ryan for the info!
I wonder why Revel of Germany never jumped on this vehicle before. Not that I am a fan of RoG kits.


I’ll probably give it a go in due course; Elite Modellbau do one in resin for the princely sum of 69 Euros. Schuco do a ready made one for around 90 quid (pounds Sterling). Resicast, perhaps surprisingly, used to also do one in resin, but is long gone I fear.

In theory anything’s got to be better than resin hell but doubtless, we’ll see. It would be nice to see them - ACE - capitalize on what I always refer to as “secondary vehicles” though that’s only because I tend to use them alongside something larger. I could see the Iltis looking the part alongside, say, a Leo 2, or in conjunction with a Fuchs; anything really for an appropriate timescale.

A MUNGA and VW 181 would be nice if they could possibly see their way to do so - but again, perchance to dream(!)


Oh yes! A Munga please! And a VW 181 (also known as Kübelwagen!) would also be nice … :slightly_smiling_face:

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You’re probably aware that Elite do a MUNGA in resin; I have a couple. CMK also do one but sans canopy and infuriatingly, the spare wheel.

Schuco do a ready made VW 181 in 2 versions ie with and without canopy; I do have one as it was the only game in town despite the huge expense (115 Euros or thereabout). That said it’s a lovely little model. I’ve earmarked it for a BAOR diorama, but as always with my projects, not any time soon!

BootsDMS, I believe CMK made two versions of the MUNGA, and the one I built did have a spare and a top, which (been a while here) was vac-formed. Had to cut the rear window out, and I added brass tube frame to the inside. I made this as part of my MP/Fedjaeger collection.

I have a metal Iltis purchased from Y-Modelle but am looking forward to the Ace plastic kit.


Too expensive and new Bundeswehr Figures :unamused:

A very nice model; I was unaware of the options with a canopy (and spare); as I say, a very nice model of an almost essential vehicle representative of the Cold War period.