NEWS: Ace Model - Smith Gun

In production at Ace Model is the Smith Gun, a 76mm smooth-bore anti-tank artillery piece used by the British Army and Home Guard during the Second World War.

Full story here: Smith Gun


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That’s one I wouldn’t have bet would ever see an injection molded kit! I recall seeing sketches of it in some Ian Hogg book from long, long ago…

Very cool subject, though!

Sweet! One of those little gems…
Nice in combination with these guys:

Hmmm…one of those “suicide” guns! :sweat_smile:



The pic won’t load??

Here’s the link :


I already opened it by copying the link :wink: It is just for the lesser gods of IT (or those with a phone)

My phone displayed it fine but the link helps if it didn’t. :+1:

I thought those figures where only 1/35? The ACE is 1/72 but I think would be nice if 1/72.

I was not aware of that?
If so, then you van discard my remark. :frowning:

In action :

The guy in the foreground visibly doesn’t want to take any risk…


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Looks as if it is a scene from Dad’s Army :stuck_out_tongue: