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Gorgeous vintage racing car. I have to have a go, at one of those Italeri big scale models; so what to choose? The Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 roadster or the Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 Monza?

Thanks for the heads up.

They are basically the same, just one is in a nice racing trim.
Andy :slight_smile:

Yeah, the fenders and windscreen more or less being the only difference.

I’ve been looking at the racing version for years but just haven’t been able to pull out the “plastic” and finally buy it. Actually, I’m just plain scared of this kit plus just maybe the Meng GT40 MkII will move me into the realm 1/12 racing cars. And as a retired old guy, I really can’t afford all those kits plus the tons of AM they require. Still the Alfa and the Big Ford most likely will end up gracing my stash this coming year.


I can see a Group Build in the making here! The large scale car kits are definitely popular at the moment.

“12 for 12” - A 12 month run time to build a 1/12 kit. This one looks very nice, plenty of detail and plenty of scope for super detailing.

Cheers, D