NEWS: AMP Model 1/32 TH-55A Osage

AMP models has released a 1/32 TH-55A Osage. This type of helicopter was used for many years as the US Army’s primary rotary flight trainer.

It looks to be a very detailed kit. The contents include plastic and resin parts, PE and 3D-printed decals for the instrument panels.

Hopefully, AMP Models will continue with more of the lesser known and unkitted helicopter types.

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Great news, been on Hannants for ages. Hoping for a Sikorsky s-51 as well in this scale.

S-51 (H-5, R-5, HO2/3S) would be nice as well. I would really like to see a 1/32 (or 1/35) OH-23 Raven.

OH23D/G was Raven. I know you know better. I flew them in Primary at Wolters


Thanks for the catch on the typo. I know it is the OH-23 as well. Fixed.

Interesting bird. If you flew to fast (over VNE) it had a tendency to cave in the windscreen. 100 Hrs in the bird at Wolters. When they moved Primary to Rucker, if was not uncommon to see them in the fields from PL’s (Precautionary Landings) on the way to Hanchey. Most of the birds they pulled from storage had a heck of a time.

Bryan W

They already have one in 1/48 Gino … got one languishing in my stash for a while now .

I had a Crew Chief at Ft Hood while I was in C/227th 1st Cav. He managed to get his hands on two of the 30 Gal TH-55 tanks and spliced them together. He said he refueled his truck once a month.