NEWS: AMT 1/25 2021 CHP Police Dodge Charger

Photos are from Hobby Search…release date is May 2024 and price is $52.84 pre-order. (Note that Hobby Search is in Japan so the price may be cheaper in the USA).

The push bar is wrong says modelcarmag modeler, niteowl7710

“I’m kind of wondering if that Charger Pursuit parts has parts added to it to convert it to AWD because those are the AWD wheels it’s got on it. CHP just started getting AWD Chargers in 2023, not 2021. It’s more right than wrong I guess, but CHP has never used the Setina ram bar with integrated lights, they’ve have LEDs set up at 45° angles for about 15 years now (they go back to the Crown Vic Police Interceptor days).”

I am kind of wondering what police interior equipment it will come with as the shotgun, AR-15 rifle, and nightstick of the 1/25 police car kits are getting mighty old and obsolete looking.