NEWS: Desert Eagle - NAMER IFV in IDF Service AFV part 1

Meng announced their 1/35 scale Namer kit a couple of days ago. As the kit was produced in cooperation with Desert Eagle Publishing, it was just a matter of time before reference book on the Namer appears on the market… and here it is:

The press release from Desert Eagle:

We are pleased to announce that our next book is No. 31 about the NAMER AFV part 1.
This will cover the bg HAPC used by IDF infantry, with the following 3 variants:

  1. Infantry early and late
  2. Command version.
  3. With Trophy hard kill system.

This book is planned to be release in mid March 2021.
It is a must for IDF fans, and to those that plan to build the long awaited Namer model by MENG.
Stay safe and keep smiling,
Adam O’Brien and Michael Mass