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Message from the CEO

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My sympathies go out to the Eduard staff and their families during this holiday season. Thankfully No one was seriously injured or lost but it’s likely their livelihood will be disrupted for quite some time. Even though I’m sure the Company was insured for this type of event, having been through this in this years Oregon wildfire, the nightmare of dealing with all the red tape etc. is no fun.
I hope the employees can have a safe, happy Christmas and be back soon in some capacity early in the new year.


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Please tell me why the news on the Armorama website has stopped being updated? And what about the site News is not posted there either. Sorry for my English

So sorry to hear that!!! Wishing you all the best and that you can put up business as soon as possible again!

I guess because those sites are outdated and are closing down

So, we will all have to buy somethign Eduard in January.

Although I am the worst person on the planet to finish a campaign on time this is just begging for a site wide Eduard “Rise of the phoenix” campaign


Awesome Idea!

Hi Alex,
We have been posting about this quite a lot lately but perhaps you have missed it. We are moving the sites to new platforms. Armorama is the last to go and will be moving in the next few days most likely. The KitMaker site itself may take longer to re-make as that is not really been decided on yet. So until that point I suggest if you want to find everything in one place you use this forum.


Thank you so much for clarifying everything. Now I understand everything

Thank you so much. But chickpeas have absolutely no fresh news about 1/35 scale. You might think that nothing comes out at this time


Going to guess that was a spell correct thing. :smiley:

It most probably is a spellign checker joke, but what on earth did he mean?