NEWS: Greenstuff Liquid Frost

Greenstuff keeps releasing imaginative new products, their latest addition is a saline solution that creates a whitish crystalline structure that simulates the effect of frost:

It can imitate the frost on trees, bushes, flowers, crystals and even imitate other crystalline formations.

Apply multiple layers and leave to dry between 4 to 24 hours. Subsequent applications could reactivate the crystallization process and make them grow. Can be cleaned with water if necessary.

The effects may differ depending on whether it is applied by brush or airbrush.

And here you can see how it works, with amazing results:


That is different.

Just watched the video… that’s some Cool stuff 113
Thanks for posting

Wouldn’t mixing your own saline solution (heavy on the salt) work as well? Reminds me of the old science project of dissolving salt with water in a glass and hanging a string in it. In a few days the string becomes covered with salt crystals.


Oooh, that’s interesting.

Interesting effect… but is the crystallization in scale for 1/35th?

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Not Table Salt, but Magnesium Sulfate, (Epsom Salt) is the magical ingredient. It used to be a common treatment applied to the backs of aquariums. DIY here, although some experimentation my be needed for optimum results;

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