NEWS: ICM 1/32 AH-1G Cobras

ICM has released their 2021 Catalog and inside is a very welcomed surprise. They have announced what looks to be two, maybe three, new-tooled AH-1G Cobras in 1/32 scale. A new Cobra model has been sought after for many years. The 1970s-era Monogram/Revell version has grown long in the teeth. Hopefully these will be very nice.

32060 looks to be an early Cobra with the left hand tail rotor. 32061 should be a late model AH-1G with right hand tail rotor. The last one, 32062, could be either, but with pilot figures included.

They have also announced the pilots as a separate set: 1/32 US Helicopter Pilots (Vietnam War) to go with them.

The full catalog can be seen here.


Pleasing news but I would be more enthusiastic if it were 1/35.

Brilliant news but as said 1/35th would have been better but hey I’m not gonna complain. Still waiting for Kittyhawks 1:35th UH1’s… has seemed like a lifetime. ICM are quicker at releasing things once announced.

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gonna pass on this one as I wanted a 1/35th scale kit. 1/32 is odd for choppers to me

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I can remember the very first time I saw one. On an OP with the 101st, and they were working on the north face of the Que Son Valley near West. Kinda neat, but something was a miss. They didn’t hover well when making a gun run (or rocket). Still nothing that an AC130 or AC119 couldn’t do better. They did have the advantage of being able to operate out of FOB’s, but never did. Top said it was just some kind of a new gadget. On the other hand a generic Huey with miniguns and rocket pods could simple set still in the air and light up the place. The next generation Cobra was a different animal, and that was what was needed.

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1/32 was actually the original scale for large scale helos. One of the first was the ICM Bell Jet Ranger in the mid-1960s; the actual date has been lost to history.

Revell started with 1/32 helos as well. Their first ones were the UH-1D in 1967, OH-6A in 1970, and AH-1G about 1970 as well.

The 1/32 military helo trend was continued by Revell when they bought the ICM Jet Ranger and repackaged it as an OH-58A in 1986.

Revell has continued with 1/32 helo models and has a lot of them available. They are mostly of European design though.

The very first 1/35th helicopter model was the Heller SA321 from 1975. It was a one-off in 1/35 at the time though. It was actually a pretty good model; well detailed and nicely molded.

The 1/35 modern helicopter standard didn’t start until Seminar made a 1/35 UH-1B (kit #8000) in 1990.

MRC/Academy then released their USMC AH-1W (kit #BA-100) in 1992.

After these two kits were very successful, others jumped on the band wagon to include Dragon, Trumpeter, Panda, Kitty Hawk, etc…

Now 1/35 is pretty much the standard scale for military helicopters so they go well with all the 1/35 ground vehicles, figures, and accessories.

The difference between the two scales is relatively small, sort of. 1/32 is 9.143% larger than 1/35. You can use the two scales together as long as constant-sized items such as weapons, canteens, ammo pouches, etc. are all the same scale. I have used 1/35 pilots, soldiers, and gear with 1/32 helicopters in the past. They look fine together. If you go the other way though, 1/32 figures with 1/35 helicopters or vehicles, it doesn’t work as well since the figures are too big, almost 10% larger.

I was excited when I saw the headline but I think I’ll pass on it being it’s 1/32. Rotary wing just lends itself to 1/35.

ancient history means nothing. Today it’s 1/72, 1/48, or 1/35 scale. The others are oddballs

Most of Europe and a large portion of the rest of the world disagrees with you since Revell has stuck to 1/32 helicopters and is selling them like hotcakes.

How ironic. That is usually all you focus on.

but you know I’m and you can’t stand it

Whatever you have to believe to make yourself happy.

I mix scales quite a lot with no problem. I even built a Revell AH-1Q using parts from the Academy AH-1W kit. Came out great. Also, the Revell AH-1 kit goes back to about 1969. But a new tool kit is long in coming, looking forward to it.

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From what i have seen in the latest issue of Tamiya model magazine the Cobra AH-1G’s are going to be in 1/48 scale, see photograph below that i took from the inside of the magazine.

Thankfully, ICM is still showing them as 1/32.

@Robin_Nilsson @HeavyArty ooh the mystery continues, I hope they do both scales 1/48 & 1/35

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Neat walk down the memory lane. My first helo was Revell’s 1/32 Huey, the one attacking the bridge, c.1968 or later. It was so cool I immediately built the 1/32 Cobra. Vietnam was on the TV every night so plenty of Hueys but I don’t think I’d ever heard of the Cobra, so it was fascinating. I don’t recall building a second one until about 45 years later in 2016 when I built one for a friend’s friend’s dad, who flew one with the 2d Bn, 20th Aerial Rocket Artillery, 1st CAV Div.

ICM is showing the CAD renders for their new AH-1G Cobra (Early) kit #32060. The kit is expected out by May. It looks like it will be really nice.

See more here:

Some more CAD sprue shots are being shown by ICM.

The CAD looks pretty good. I like the idea of having both left and right hand tail rotor parts so you can build either from one kit. It looks like it will have late and early rotor blades (with and without trim tab) in the same kit too. Two types of turrets are visible as well; one and two weapon positions.

Lots of extra weapons options for future versions too. The TOW missiles may mean a late model S or F is in the works too. One can only hope.

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The AH-1G (Early) kit is announced as a May release by ICM. It should be available soon. They are now showing the box art and decal sheet as well.

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