NEWS: ICM 1/32 US Helicopter Pilots (Vietnam War)

@MontanaHunter Chris he also wrote the book: “Low Level Hell” it’s worth a read and thr last i heard he was writing a sequel.

He posted above you, so you could ask him. :sunglasses:

Nice to hear from you Mr Mills, not sure if you remember me from the those days back at Papenfus Hardware when I worked the hobby counter during high school and college. Glad to know you’re still around. Great bit on you hat going there! Dad donated all his 60’s flight gear to the Naval Air Museum in Pensacola when mom and he retired back there in the early 2000’s. Before he finally retired he did some time in the Army Reserves flying Cobra’s then went Nat Guard and flew. Not sure if you two ever met but I think you did up at Papenfus or at one of the IPMS meetings.

I actually met Hugh back in the 80’s. He frequented the only and a classic hobby shop in Kansas City that I grew up working in. Very unassuming, humble and quiet guy, always quick w a good joke. Worked for the KCPD which I’m sure he’s been retired from for a good stetch (we’re talking about almost 4 decades ago). I have a first printing of “Low Level Hell” as well as any early pressing of Squadron in Action “Gunslingers” which features several helo’s he flew (as I mentioned above). Of course that store is long gone. I don’t live in KC anymore so it was nice to see his reply. I don’t think he’d call himself a hero so I’ll say from what he shared with me and what I’ve read that he is the epitome of an Army helo pilot in Vietnam and the definition of hero I’d say applies to him 100% in my opinion. And if I would be so bold, not to embarrass him, he’s also an example of the finest servicemen that our country produces: professional, dedicated to his country, humble, extremely competent in his craft, always putting his fellow soldiers/pilots above his own concern and safety. I think you get the drift. I’ve been fortunate to meet many Vietnam vets working there, and many just through life since that was my dad’s generation and he served at the same time, but few made such a lasting impression on me as Capt Mills did (obviously not excluding my dad).

Pappenfus brings back great memories of the back stash room. Jim Sheets, Terry Nicol and Frank , Holsberg and Ed Spanknoble all still around. Carlos passed away. I really miss Emory. Thanks for thinking about me. Are you on Facebook?


Great guys, sad to hear about Carlos, he was a character. He took me to lunch at taco bell down the street. Misprounced everything on the menu then launched into perfect Spanish. The kid at the counter was totally confused “sir, do you mean Tah ko? It’s pronounced that way not ta cow” lol sent you FB request earlier today, looking forward to reconnecting with you after all these years. Guess social media can be worthwhile!

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ICM 32114 US Helicopter PIlots Vietnam (33)
My take. Very nice set.


They look pretty nice. Definitely usable figures. Nice job.