NEWS: ICM 1/35 CH-54A Tarhe with Universal Military Pod

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ICM has announced the release of the Sikorsky CH-54A Tarhe with Universal Military Pod in 1:35 scale. This is a much-wanted version of the classic Skyhook.


Here are some ideas for the helo with pod.


Short walk-around.


I wonder if ICM will model the pod interior?


Thanks for the photos, it must be quite weird to be airlifted in a detachable container…


You should see what BAE Systems is up to. I forgot to post the link last night. If you think being in a container slung under a chopper is scary…

I’ve been chatting up the BAE reps every day.

I’ve got some great photos of my own, but the ones in the story give you an idea - battelfield casualty placed in a pod that sends his vital real time, all while their drone delivers him to an aid station, without risking a multi-million dollar air asset and its crewmen.


Nice images. I particularly like the fourth one with the Pod to the rear. Thank’s for sharing!

I wonder why the box art shows the Tarhe buzzing through Yosemite. I’m guessing it’s just a stock background image that was layered into the artwork. :thinking:

—mike :helicopter:

Some CAD and parts images from ICM.

It looks like they are doing the pod interior as well.

Pod parts.



It would be interesting if they did a version with the Surgical Pod as well. It could make a great MedEvac/MASH/China Beach diorama.

It had a complete, mobile surgical suite on the inside.

Apparently, this type of pod was pretty rare, and the more common type was the squarer one ICM has modeled.

It seems mclare at BritModeller has 3D-Printed the Surgical Pod. It looks pretty nice.

ICM 1/35th CH-54 Tarhe with cargo/medical pod by PeteH1969. - Work in Progress - Aircraft -


Some more info on the Universal Cargo Pod.

The detachable universal pod allows internal loads and is used for many operations. It holds up to 45 combat-equipped troops or 24 litters. When the litters are installed, there is still room for 15 seats down the middle for ambulatory patients, attendants, or troops.

The pod has a reinforced tread area that will hold equipment as heavy as a 12,700-pound howitzer. There are ninety-six 5,000-pound capacity tie-down rings on the floor of the pod. Pod limitation is 20,000 pounds. The pod has no winch, so the load must be driven or pushed into the pod. The pod can be loaded on the ground and then raised up to the helicopter.

Interior dimensions:

  • Length - 27 feet 4 inches.
  • Width - 8 feet 10 inches
  • Height - 6 feet 6 inches

Exterior dimensions:

  • Length - 28 feet 1 inch.
  • Width - 9 feet 6 inches.
  • Height (wheels up) - 7 feet 8 inches.

The pod has a conventional four-wheel system with pneumatic tires. It may be towed up to 5 miles per hour on level ground at a maximum gross weight of 20,000 pounds. Each of the four wheels has an independent retraction and extension system manually operated by the mechanical jacks or alternate hydraulic pumps attached to each wheel gear. These permit the pod to be raised or lowered when fully loaded. The pod is detached from the helicopter without using winches by extending the wheel mechanism.