NEWS: ICM 2022 Catalog: New Helicopters Inbound

ICM has announced their 2022 Catalog. There are some interesting new items. A couple were already announced, a couple others were not.

The biggest news is a new line of 1/35 helicopters. There will be two different CH-54A Tarhe models and an AH-1G Cobra.

A new version of 1/32 Cobra.

And a couple new items in 1/48th; an AH-1G Cobra and a set of US helicopter pilots in Vietnam.

You can see their whole 2022 Catalog here:


Looking forward to the 1/35 Cobra, that will go nicely with my ‘Whiskey’ and ‘Zulu’.

Excellent new range, and perfect for combination in diorama’s

We as scale modelers live in a glorious time! A 1:35th Tarhe is beyond my wildest fantasies. I’m gonna have to knock out a wall in the back room of the house to make room for my dio to grow! AND a 1:35 Cobra too? Are you kidding me? Seems like all that’s left for the 'Nam era is a D7 Cat with a Rome Plow and Crush Cage! ICM I love you man! :heart_eyes:

Well there is the LeTourneau “Tree Crusher” . . . in your dreams big boy!

Cajun :crocodile:

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I have plans to get that CH-54 and rig it to my ceiling fan motor to make the blades spin.


holy cow, 1/48 AH-1G, ground crew and a bronco to boot, this just gets better and better.

I know it’s going to be huge but the 1/35th CH-54A Tarhe Skycrane is definitely on my want list as well as the AH-1G Cobra in 1/35th



I wonder what the future holds for an AH-1F Cobra?

I really like the new 1/35 helicopter line. If ICM really wants to sell kits, I suggest a whole line of log-bodied Hueys; UH-1D, UH-1H, UH-1N, and UH-1Y. These are some of the most sought after kits as there is not a good one in 1/35 at all. The old Panda/Dragon UH-1D/H and UH-1N are pretty bad as they are scaled-up copies of mediocre 1/48 kits.


For the CH-54 make room in your shelf, it will be roughly 2 feet by 2 feet. Even the old Revell 1/72 scale kit was impressive. I did a quick google search and found a lot of loads, from hospital module to M54 truck to today fire fighting container.

I love the 1/35 Cobra, will get some as soon as it becomes available.
Hopefully they will do a 1/35 Apache as wel in the future, that kit would definitely sell.
The Tarhe while superb is a bit too big for my liking.

I wonder what the odds are that a large-scale CH-53 could be in our future now that ICM is releasing the Tarhe? We already have a Chinook, so large helos are definitely selling…


Combo w/ one of the new Takom M114 kits perhaps?

Or a Sheridan…


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does anyone know the release date for the 1/48 scale AH-1G cobra?

Wow! Wouldn’t that be something in 1:35? If I was a bold enough modeller - and I’m not - I’d like to think I’d have a go at something like this. Wow - again!

I think I could go for the CH-54A , as it ticks my “I had a die-cast one as a kid” box, and gives me happy thunderbirds vibes.

Would need to come with an option for displaying the main rotor folded though.

Or you could 3D print one as the 1/48 version doesn’t look that difficult.

Hopefully the blade fold will be an option in the kit. If not, we could see if our own Matt Leese could design the folding hinges like he did for the old Academy 1/35 MH-60S kit a few years ago.

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Another option for you :wink: