NEWS: ICM's New 1/35 Leopard 2A6 MBT with Crew, Ukrainian Modern Infantry Weapons, Paint Sets, and Other Kits


The 1/35 “Modern Infantry Weapons and Chevrons of Ukraine” are a nice addition, particularly the FPV drone and controller, the Barrett MRAD sniper rifle (a first using new calibers), the knives, pistols in holsters, and the .50cal M2HB.


That looks pretty sweet!

Kudos to ICM.


The weapon set looks nice. Someone’s going to have to be the Guinea pig and check it out.
It could use more Stoners, and a DT MG would put it over the top.


My thoughts exactly. I need to see the sprues to ensure that the details aren’t too soft and the scale is accurate for 1/35.

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A SPG-9 RR and a AGS-30 AGL. Come to PAPA! :slightly_smiling_face: The only thing I miss is the SA-7 Grail missile the we donated.


Photos from ICM’s website.


The weapon/decal set is great to see. Finally a modern set of plastic Soviet Bloc rifles. The drone is a nice touch, would be great if ICM included Go Pros and Iphones.


gah I need it now with the rye field one, do we know if the leopard is a new tool or a rebox?

Was hoping for an injection moulded SIG MCX :cry:

one Ukrainian leopard 2A6 is enough for me i dont need 2 of them

I got 4 so why not more eh eh (+I’d like to compare it with the other I got)

some are claiming the leopard is a revell rebox but I’m not sure what’s the source of this claim (tho I haven’t much bad comment on the revell kit).

At the link to The Modeling News site in the first post, it states that it is the Revell LEO 2A6 kit with new figures.

“What we do know it that the kit uses the Revell model as a base, with 291 pieces on 12 sprues in grey plastic that includes the figures.”

As Gino said, from link.

I thought it was new tool, I’m fine with it being a revell rebox

They are also offering just the Leopard Crew as a set. Also, who is the guy with the dog, since a Leopard only has a 4-man crew? I guess he and the dog came by to say hello.

What’s even more interesting is that they already offer this set, minus the guy and dog. It’s been available for a while now.