News: Kirov Airship C&C Red Alert

Border Model are set to release the Kirov Airship from the game Command and Conquer Red Alert.



Really excited for this- another absolute belter!

Never played the game but that is PROPER steampunk/dieselpunk!



Take a look at this (I think is a prototype):


Wow- that is a real piece of work! They really have put a lot of effort into the display and the design. Now I’m wondering where the lighting will be installed!

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There will be three special effects in this ship: " The total length is over 400MM! Contains new propeller power components! Brand new red light component! Classic voice sounding device! Also included is a huge base support platform that simulates hydraulic effects. The airship is controlled using the twist switch used in the Soviet era!"

Sthe switches to start those effects will be in the base, as the pictures shows:


Thanks for posting that Edson- I’m already pondering what colors to use for the yellow and reds!

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I’m pretending to do something different, but still rusky - maybe a winter cammo, maybe?

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Well I’ll be getting one for sure when they hit the stores, as for painting I don’t remember them being yellow but then again last time I played the game was….?:thinking:

This is how they appeared in the game.

So anything from gold to yellow would be accurate if that is what you want to do. No stopping you coming up with a scheme of your own of course!

If their previous kits are anything to go by the kit plastic will be pre-coloured so you wouldn’t have to paint it if you didn’t want to.