NEWS: Kitty Hawk 1/35 HH-60H

A pleasant surprise. Kitty Hawk has announced their newest naval H-60 is ready. The 1/35 scale HH-60H ‘Rescue Hawk’ is being shipped out at the end of this month. It looks like it will have some nice decal options as well.

“Shipping to Distributor’s at end of December.”…Kitty Hawk

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It took a little longer than anticipated, but these are ready and shipping now from China.

Some people are receiving them already. Here is the new sprue for the HH-60H kit, and PE. The rest is the same as the prior Kitty Hawk naval H-60 kits. It looks like all the required parts are there.

HH sprue


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The new parts appear to be correct for an HH-60H. All the interior and exterior parts look to be present. On the interior, the electronics racks behind the pilots on the starboard side are present, joystick on the center console for the FLIR, three seats along the back wall, FRIES rig on the ceiling, guns, ammo cans, etc… On the exterior, it has the correct sliding port side windows, HIRSS exhaust, and all the added bumps and blisters. It all looks good to me.

It looks just like this one at Prime Portal.

I have also confirmation that the HC sprue with the open exhaust parts are still in the kit. These parts will allow you to build the basic fuselage for a USCG HH/MH-60J/T Jay Hawk. Now we just need decals and the radar nose, along with the internal USCG gear (rescue basket and bags, etc.). Hopefully Werner’s Wings will come through with these parts and decals.

Just got mine today. It looks great.