NEWS: MENG - Namer

Wow, way to go MENG! Israeli Heavy Armoured Personnel Carrier Namer is on its way.



… and it can be built in three versions

A welcome addition for sure!

…Smashes the piggy bank… :grin:

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Thank you, Meng; I’ll take two!

Next (logical) step, Namer with 30mm turret… :laughing:

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my friend served in the IDF , he road around in the namer quite a bit . He said he felt safer than at any other time in his service inside the vehicle. he did serve while TOPHY was deployed on the vehicles definitely added to the feeling of security

Gotta thank Meng for getting stuff out that people want! I hope that this sells super well.

Yes, this looks like a nice kit. Very interested

That, or an Eitan 8x8.

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