NEWS: MiniArt Ben Hur Trailers

I find the problem goes away once I’ve added mud and road dust to the back of my vehicles…

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the problem is explained by Gino in post 10 above, including photos that should help to understand it. And an estimated 70% of all kits suffer from it: all HobbyBoss CCKW trucks, ICM’s Studebakers, and all Italeri Dodges plus trailers, to name just a few.

Minor disappointment regarding an otherwise excellent and long awaited model:
Please Note: Unless you buy the version of the trailer model THAT shows the tarp covered trailer on the boxart you will NOT get the tarpaulin. This is NOT a 2 in 1 model kit.

Different kit numbers entirely: Silly me!

Lots do. All US WWII vehicles had different lights on the left and right side.
One is for service drive and one is for blackout drive.

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Dan is right. This image shows the correct left/right arrangement of the WWII US taillights.

Red brake light is ALWAYS on the upper left. (Though I have seen even restoration professionals do this incorrectly.)

You can see how those lights aren’t recessed as they are in the kit parts as the recesses are filled with the lenses. That’s why I say fill in the incorrect oval and just put a rectangular black decal over it.

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